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The cost of IRMI application products depends on the size of your organization. The size ranges are as follows.

  • 1-9 Employees
  • 10-30 Employees
  • 31-60 Employees
  • 60+ Employees - Contact us for a quote!

To subscribe to an IRMI product, you can purchase either a single-seat license for an individual, or an unlimited group license for everyone in your organization. The cost depends on whether your firm qualifies as a "Small Business" or a "Large Business" under the definitions in the following table.

Item Individual Small Business Large Business
Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Agency/Brokerage Any size Under $10M Revenue $10M+ Revenue
Insurance Company Any size Under $100M Premium $100M+ Premium
Law Firm Any Size Under 10 coverage Lawyers 10+ Coverage Lawyers
Risk Mgmt. Dept. Any Size Any Size N/A
Other Organization Any Size Under 100 Employees N/A

IRMI offers two options for your subscription term:

  1. Month-to-Month Subscription – Payable by credit card prior to the start of your first month and billed automatically to the credit card on file each month thereafter.
  2. Annual Subscription – Paid in full by credit card prior to the start of your first annual term.

Insurance Law Essentials

Product Type:  1 Year Subscription

Included Products: COVID Coverage Issues, Deep Dives, Insurance Law Reporter, CGL Reporter/Insurance Coverage Cases, Case Law Library, Fundamentals of Insurance Law, and Canadian Coverage Caselaw

Application:  Insurance Case Finder

Case Citations: 10,000+

Part of: Risk & Insurance Package

Also Includes: PDFs of Actual Court Decisions

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Essential Tools for Insurance Coverage Legal Research

Support your decision in a claims dispute and help your clients get paid.

Gain an understanding of the hottest insurance litigation topics from the expert summaries and in-depth articles on leading-edge coverage cases and legal articles.

Included Products

COVID Coverage Issues

Never before has the United States encountered a nationwide catastrophe like the coronavirus, resulting in billions, possibly, trillions of dollars of lost business income. The result has been hundreds of business interruption lawsuits filed against commercial property insurers. Track this litigation by state with an interactive US map showing the cases filed by state. Click the state to see the names of the plaintiffs, insurers, the courts, and several of the insurance provisions involved. Read the actual pleadings, the important motions filed by each party, ultimately the court's final ruling on coverage, and see the policies involved.

Deep Dives

These are legal articles written by expert insurance coverage attorneys from across the nation. The articles focus on current issues with significant implications for insurance professionals. Added regularly, articles address recent cases, issues, and trends relating to COVID-19, policy conditions, current issues, construction, claims handling, litigation trends, and other topics. If you're looking for significant legal insurance developments, look no further. Many of these articles are written by the Insurance Law Essentials board, a group of vetted experts from the American Bar Association's Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section.

Insurance Law Reporter

The reporter delivers important insurance coverage decisions straight to your inbox twice a month. It alerts you to breaking coverage decisions, organized by coverage line and jurisdiction, so you can quickly find the cases that are important to you. Also learn about new legal articles published as Deep Dives in Insurance Law Essentials. With the insight of the most respected insurance coverage minds in the country at your fingertips, you will be made aware of key trends and insights—no law degree required. Currently available only to IRMI Online subscribers.

Insurance Case Finder

Updated weekly, Insurance Case Finder is an enhancement to the search experience consisting of a large database of over 10,000 insurance case summaries and a set of unique filters that make legal research much simpler and faster. Use this search functionality to find relevant case authority law to support an insurance claim, justify enhanced coverage enhancements, and/or resolve insurance coverage disputes. Attorneys doing insurance coverage work will appreciate how fast and easy it is to find relevant case law. But you don't need to be a lawyer to use it. Court cases are organized by type of insurance policy, policy provision, and coverage issue, so that anyone with a basic understanding of the insurance industry can easily locate needed information .

CGL Reporter/Insurance Coverage Cases

This reference, published every other month, identifies the most important insurance-related coverage decisions handed down each year and provides concise and insightful commentary on each case and its implications. Written by prominent coverage litigation experts, these summaries can keep you apprised of current US litigation primarily in property and casualty insurance, but also in other commercial and personal lines areas. Current issues, such as COVID-19 cases and class action cases, are also provided.

Whether the litigation focuses on additional insured or intellectual property issues, you have the insight of the nation's best coverage attorneys at your fingertips.

Case Law Library

This library is a PDF collection of over 6,500 slip opinions that have been selected by the IRMI research analysts and referred to in IRMI publications as being particularly important to the insurance industry. Go to the source, and read the pleadings yourself. The cases can be used for general information, coverage analysis, drafting manuscript policy language, analyzing exposures, and resolving specific coverage disputes.

Fundamentals of Insurance Law

A comprehensive, 150-page overview of legal principles for risk and insurance professionals. Fundamentals of Insurance Law has 13 chapters addressing topics such as insurance regulation, characteristics of contracts, the anatomy of an insurance policy, property law, legal liability, the legal environment for underwriting and claims adjusting, and consumer laws affecting insurance.

Canadian Coverage Caselaw

Written by experienced, practicing Canadian coverage attorneys, this is the best source for important Canadian insurance coverage court decisions. Complete with articles relating to the Canadian legal system and other relevant issues, this resource will help you keep up with what's new and important in Canada.

Free White Paper

Additionally, you can now see details of some decisions and a list of cases citing IRMI reference services, expert commentary, and glossary definitions in the new white paper, IRMI's Influence in the Courts—Shaping Insurance Law.