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About Case Finder

Part of the Insurance Law Essentials package, Insurance Case Finder is a Web-based application consisting of a large database of insurance coverage written case summaries and a unique search engine that will make insurance caselaw research much simpler and faster.

The Case Finder helps all insurance professionals find relevant case authority law to support an insurance claim, justify enhanced coverage enhancements, and/or resolve insurance coverage disputes. Attorneys doing insurance coverage work will appreciate how fast and easy it is to find relevant caselaw with the application.

But you don't need to be a lawyer to use it. Court cases are organized by type of insurance policy, type of policy provision, and coverage issue, so that anyone with a basic understanding of the insurance industry can easily locate the information he or she needs.

How it Works

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Apply one or more filters to find specific cases.
  3. Read the case summary.
  4. View the profile of the person who wrote the summary.

Submit Your Own Case Summaries

Are you a coverage lawyer? Are you summarizing insurance cases for a blog or a newsletter? Leverage that work by enrolling in the Case Submission Program at IRMI!

About the Case Submission Program

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  • What is the Case Submission Program?

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