Exposure Survey Questionnaire

Exposure Survey Questionnaire

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Exposure Survey Questionnaire

Product type: 1 Year Subscription

Publication Date(s): 1985-2018

Part of: Risk and Insurance Package

Discount: Prices shown include a 5% discount for choosing the annual payments option

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Identifying risks is the most important step in risk management, and a crucial area of responsibility for the insurance buyer, agent, broker, or consultant.

The Exposure Survey Questionnaire contains more than 750 key questions and 25 schedules in a step-by-step format to help you thoroughly identify major risks for any organization through interviews with management and operating personnel.

It is designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly. Since it is a useful tool for day-to-day application, the Exposure Survey Questionnaire has been placed in a three-ring binder for quick and easy photocopying. The questionnaires are also available for download on the Web via IRMI Online.

Exposure Survey Questionnaire covers these topics.

  • Basic Insurance/Risk Management Systems and Procedures
  • Real and Personal Property Exposures
  • Time Element Exposures
  • Time Element Work Sheets
  • Mobile Equipment Exposures
  • Transportation/Cargo Exposures
  • Premises-Operations Liability Exposures
  • Completed Operations Liability Exposures
  • Products Liability Exposures
  • Aviation Products Liability Exposures
  • Contractual Liability Exposures
  • Workers Compensation and Personnel Exposures
  • Automobile Liability and Physical Damage
  • Truckers/Motor Carriers Exposures
  • Garage and Dealers Exposures
  • Crime Exposures
  • D&O Liability Exposures
  • Employment Practices Liability Exposures
  • Fiduciary Liability Exposures
  • Professional Liability/E&O Exposures
  • Information Technology
  • Additional Insureds and Certificate Holders
  • Property Schedules
  • Personal Risk Management Exposure Survey Questionnaire

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Agents, Brokers, and Account Support Staff

  • Excellent tool for identifying hidden exposures and uncovering your clients' or prospects' unmet coverage needs.
  • Good tool for new staff or staff assigned to pursue industries for which they do not yet have adequate knowledge of unique exposures.
  • Helps avoid errors and omissions through a more thorough risk analysis.

Risk Managers, Financial Executives, & Insurance Buyers

  • Perform a more complete evaluation of your exposures so you can work with your agent/broker at addressing them properly.
  • Helps you get a good night's sleep knowing you have done a thorough risk analysis.
  • Gives you a methodical approach to identifying hidden exposures and uncovering your unmet coverage needs.


  • Gives you a methodical approach to identifying hidden exposures and uncovering your clients' unmet coverage needs.
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    Your purchase of the online version of Exposure Survey Questionnaire comes with a digital copy of the Contractor's Guide to CIPs—a handy reference that provides guidance on 38 issues contractors should consider when accepting coverage through a wrap-up or controlled insurance program.