Essential Commercial Insurance References

Our best-selling resources, Commercial Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and IRMI Workers Compensation, are the references thousands of insurance and risk management professionals trust for authoritative analysis and proven best practices.
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Commercial Auto Insurance

Provides line-by-line interpretations of policies and countrywide endorsements plus manuscript wording recommendations for tailoring coverage. Includes in-depth discussions of business auto, garage, truckers, and motor carrier insurance.


Commercial Property Insurance

An authoritative analysis of the coverage terms of virtually every type of first-party coverage available. Provides line-by-line interpretations of the most commonly used ISO commercial property, crime, inland marine, and equipment breakdown forms.


Commercial Liability Insurance

The most detailed resource on commercial general liability, owners and contractors protective liability, umbrella liability insurance, and more. Covers hot topics such as additional insured coverage, cyber and privacy issues, and construction defects.


IRMI Workers Comp

Your one-stop source for state specific regulations that will help you analyze exposures, determine the policy forms needed, place coverage in the residual marketplace or in a monopolistic state fund, and develop effective cost containment programs. 

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More Top-Rated IRMI Resources

Contractual Risk Transfera one-of-a-kind resource to help you draft rock solid risk transfer and insurance clauses for construction contracts, leases, purchase orders, rental agreements, oil and gas drilling and production contracts, and many other contractual agreements.

Classification Cross-Reference—a must have for anyone involved with determining the correct workers compensation or general liability codes and matching them to the appropriate CGL class code, SIC code, or NAICS code.

The Additional Insured Book—provides actionable recommendations and useful insights into requiring or granting additional insured status.