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The cost of IRMI application products depends on the size of your organization. The size ranges are as follows.

  • 1-9 Employees
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  • 31-60 Employees
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To subscribe to an IRMI product, you can purchase either a single-seat license for an individual, or an unlimited group license for everyone in your organization. The cost depends on whether your firm qualifies as a "Small Business" or a "Large Business" under the definitions in the following table.

Item Individual Small Business Large Business
Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Agency/Brokerage Any size Under $10M Revenue $10M+ Revenue
Insurance Company Any size Under $100M Premium $100M+ Premium
Law Firm Any Size Under 10 coverage Lawyers 10+ Coverage Lawyers
Risk Mgmt. Dept. Any Size Any Size N/A
Other Organization Any Size Under 100 Employees N/A

IRMI offers two options for your subscription term:

  1. Month-to-Month Subscription – Payable by credit card prior to the start of your first month and billed automatically to the credit card on file each month thereafter.
  2. Annual Subscription – Paid in full by credit card prior to the start of your first annual term.

Commercial Property Insurance

Product type: 1 Year Subscription

Publication Date(s): 1989–2018

Update Schedule: Quarterly

Case Citations: 1,200+

Part of: Insurance Coverage Analysis Package

Discount: Prices shown include a 5% discount for choosing the annual payments option

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Provides line-by-line interpretations of the most commonly used ISO forms, plus practical advice for using nonstandard and manuscript forms.

Complete, detailed, and authoritative analysis of the coverage terms of virtually every type of first-party coverage available.

Features line-by-line interpretations of the most commonly used ISO commercial property, crime, inland marine, and equipment breakdown forms, plus practical advice for using countrywide endorsements and nonstandard forms.

Includes samples of all the ISO countrywide (and most state) property, inland marine, equipment breakdown, and crime forms (current editions and some past editions), a selection of AAIS forms, and the NFIP flood insurance manual.

Additionally, you can now see details of some decisions and a list of cases citing IRMI reference services, expert commentary, and glossary definitions in the new white paper, IRMI's Influence in the Courts—Shaping Insurance Law.

Commercial Property Insurance includes the following.

  • Direct Damage Overview
  • Time Element Coverage Overview
  • Selecting Property Insurance Limits
  • Protecting Additional Insureds, Loss Payees, Mortgagees, and Builders Risk Insureds
  • Proximate Cause Analysis
  • Commercial Property Checklists
  • Annotations
    • Building and Personal Property Coverage Form
    • Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage Form
    • Causes of Loss Forms -- Basic, Broad, and Special
  • ISO Forms and Endorsements
  • Other Property Forms
  • Inland Marine
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Crime
  • Package Policies
  • Commercial Property Insurance Tips

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Agents, Brokers, and Account Support Staff

  • Go beyond the pat, cookie-cutter programs most people write by using the detailed checklists, sample forms, and insightful analyses to address the less obvious but critical property, crime, and inland marine exposures for different industries.
  • Prepare superior specifications/submissions using the practical discussions of coverage alternatives.
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of standard policy provisions and countrywide endorsements help you pinpoint errors in your competitors' programs and fix coverage gaps within your own programs.
  • Provides insight and third-party support when negotiating claims disputes on behalf of your insureds or communicating the rationale behind a denial.
  • Insight and resulting technical proficiency will reinforce your insureds' and underwriters' trust and confidence in you and your staff.

Risk Managers, Financial Executives, & Insurance Buyers

  • A comprehensive, well-indexed library of sample property, crime, businessowners, and equipment breakdown policies and endorsements, along with explanations of their coverage intent, is provided for use in manuscripting special forms, auditing existing programs, deciphering proposals, negotiating claims, and making coverage requests.


  • Use the explanations of policies and endorsement provisions to quickly and confidently answer questions posed by brokers and your insureds.
  • These explanations and supported recommendations will strengthen client relationships.
  • Keep up with changes made in new editions of policy forms being introduced into the market.

Claims Adjusters

  • Quickly determine what unfamiliar policy and any endorsements do and do not cover with the coverage interpretations.
  • Use this insight and third-party support of your decisions and related explanations to strengthen client relationships.
  • Get up-to-speed on the intent behind exclusions with which you have not dealt before and how they may or may not apply to a particular claim.


  • Includes 601 case citations.
  • Current and historical ISO policy forms provide an invaluable resource for litigation involving current and past policy provisions.
  • Summaries of the drafting history and intent of each ISO property provision help you determine whether historical caselaw actually applies to the policy provision you are examining.
  • Demonstrate coverage best practices to the court to help you win your agent/broker E&O cases.
  • In absence of legal precedent, you'll have valuable insight to what the policies do and do not cover. Since IRMI is a highly respected research firm and has been quoted in critical court cases, our interpretations carry a great deal of weight.


  • Prepare superior specifications/submissions using the practical discussions of coverage alternatives.
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of standard policy provisions and countrywide endorsements help you pinpoint errors in your clients' programs.
  • Use as support and a second opinion in your litigation consulting work.
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Your purchase of Commercial Property Insurance comes with access to thousands of coverage-line-specific insurance forms and endorsements promulgated by the Insurance Services Offices, Inc. (ISO), and the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS).

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Your purchase of an IRMI reference product includes a complimentary subscription to The Electronic Owl e-newsletter. You'll receive a monthly update with links to new content and tips on how to get the most from your IRMI resources.

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You will also get access to a digital copy of the Contractor's Guide to CIPs—a handy reference that provides guidance on 38 issues contractors should consider when accepting coverage through a wrap-up or controlled insurance program.