Classification Cross-Reference

Classification Cross-Reference

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Classification Cross-Reference


Product type: 1 Year Subscription

Publication Date(s): 1986-2018

Updated: Semi-annually


Part of: Insurance Coverage Package

Discount: Prices shown include a 5% discount for choosing the annual payments option

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Save huge amounts of time with this easy-to-use guide.

The 17th Edition includes the latest changes to the ISO CGL, NAICS, NCCI, and certain states whose workers comp codes differ significantly from NCCI—California, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

This handy tool is a must have for anyone involved with determining the correct workers compensation or general liability codes. It is quick and easy to use when matching workers comp class codes to the appropriate CGL class code, SIC code, or NAICS code. Knowing any one of these will allow you to find the other classification codes you need.

The incredibly powerful online version allows you to sort, search, and scan the codes in almost any manner you can imagine. Users have access to NAICS descriptions with more details just a click away, meaning you can read the description without the need to visit another website!

Whether in print or online, this publication has always been popular because it saves agents, CSRs, premium auditors, and underwriters huge amounts of time in selecting or verifying the correct classification code.

Classification Cross-Reference includes the following.

  • Alphabetical and Numerical Cross-References
  • NCCI Workers Compensation Codes
  • California Workers Compensation Codes
  • Delaware and Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Codes
  • Michigan Workers Compensation Codes
  • New Jersey Workers Compensation Codes
  • New York Workers Compensation Codes
  • Texas Workers Compensation Codes
  • ISO Commercial General Liability Codes
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes
  • North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Codes

Download Table of Contents

Agents, Brokers, and Account Support Staff

  • Prevent internal errors and/or identify errors in competitors' classification assignments.
  • Save an enormous amount of time and effort when corresponding classification codes are needed.

Risk Managers, Financial Executives, & Insurance Buyers

  • Risk managers who do not wish to obtain and maintain classification/rating manuals will find it to be a useful and inexpensive listing of the workers compensation and general liability classification descriptions and applicable codes.
  • Risk managers of professional employment organizations (PEOs) who must ensure that many different types of businesses are properly classified find this handy guide to be enormously valuable.

Underwriters & Auditors

  • Quickly and accurately answer classification questions with this extremely easy-to-use field guide that will enhance thoroughness during audits.


  • A great help when arguing cases over proper determination of workers comp or liability insurance premiums.


  • Identify errors in classification assignments to reduce your client's premiums.
  • Save an enormous amount of time and effort when corresponding classification codes are needed for specifications or RFPs.
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Your purchase of the online version of Classification Cross-Reference comes with a digital copy of The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), produced by the Office of Management and Budget's Economic Classification Policy Committee and distributed by National Technical Information Service (NTIS). It provides a complete list of NAICS codes and information about the purpose of NAICS, its development, and the conceptual framework and structure of this classification system.

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Your purchase of an IRMI reference product includes a complimentary subscription to The Electronic Owl e-newsletter. You'll receive a monthly update with links to new content and tips on how to get the most from your IRMI resources.

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You will also get access to a digital copy of the Contractor's Guide to CIPs—a handy reference that provides guidance on 38 issues contractors should consider when accepting coverage through a wrap-up or controlled insurance program.