Betterley Reports Package

Independent Specialty Insurance Product Evaluations

Compiled by Rick Betterley, a leading consultant on professional liability markets, The Betterley Report provide a series of highly acclaimed market survey reports on six specialty insurance products, including technology errors and omissions and cyber/privacy/media liability. Subscribers will receive the complete 50-175 page report(s) filled with exhibits of the critical differences in insurers' coverage, market appetite, and capacity. 

"The Betterley Report is one of the industry's highest quality, comprehensive, and informative publications. A must read for anyone associated with these products, whether an underwriter or a broker."

Peter Taffae, managing director, Executive Perils, Inc.

Who Is Rick Betterley?

Rick Betterley is the president of Betterley Risk Consultants, Inc., an independent risk management consulting firm that advises insureds on coverage, costs, and services. He also advises companies interested in the specialty insurance market, such as risk management services providers, on product design and market opportunities.

What are the Betterley Reports, and how can you obtain them?

IRMI features six individual Betterley Reports created by Rick and his team. Reports can be purchased individually or bundled together at a discounted rate.

Each report:

  • Identifies the leading insurers in these six markets
  • Contains detailed policy comparison charts citing the key differences in their policies
  • Examines claims experience and pricing trends
  • Analyzes the state of the market and whether it is growing
  • Discusses value-added (i.e., loss control services) offered by the insurers in each market. 



Save 5% annually when you bundle three or more reports.

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Package Options


Cyber 3-Pack

Cyber/Privacy Insurance 

This report covers liability for data breaches in which a customer's personal information, such as credit card numbers, is exposed or stolen by a hacker (or other criminal) who has gained access to the firm's electronic network.

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Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance

This report covers liability incurred by providers of technology services or products, such as data storage companies and website designers. The policies most frequently cover liability for data breaches and other losses not involving bodily injury or property damage.  

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Intellectual Property and Media Liability Insurance

This report covers the following legal expenses incurred by a business:

  1. to defend against lawsuits alleging that it has infringed on a patent, trademark, or copyright
  2. to pay such costs when its own intellectual property has been infringed upon and must enforce its rights

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Management 3-Pack

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This report covers liability arising from the employment process, including: wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment,  retaliation, and miscellaneous inappropriate workplace conduct, such as defamation, invasion of privacy, and failure to promote. 

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Side A D&O Liability Insurance 

This report covers the liability incurred by directors and officers when the corporate entity is either not legally required to do so (e.g., derivative lawsuits) or is financially unable to do so (e.g., bankruptcy).  Side-A policies provide coverage in excess of the limits afforded by a business’ primary D&O policy. 

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Private Company Management Liability Insurance 

This is a form of errors and omissions coverage for a privately-held company. It is designed to cover not only directors and officers, but also managers and employees, when they incur liability while performing their duties for the organization.

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