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What's New—September 2020

Eight reference service updates and new issues of The Risk Report and Captive Insurance Company Reports have been added to the IRMI KnowledgeBases. We have also updated the home page and job function dashboards to facilitate navigation in the site.

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IRMI Reference Services

Insurance Coverage Cases/CGL Reporter—The August update adds 73 recently decided commercial lines and personal lines cases to Insurance Law Essentials. These cases can also be found in Insurance Case Finder (10,100 case records), and PDFs of the opinions are in the Case Law Library (6,653 cases).

This Commercial Auto Insurance release updates the "Motor Vehicle Registration and Compulsory Responsibility Statute" section, including the overview, financial responsibility and compulsory liability insurance, and the state summaries. Additionally, a complete revision of the MCS-90 endorsement discussion is presented to coincide with the release of the third edition of The MCS-90 Book. The following updates are also included in this release.

  • For the month of August 2020, in the auto insurance proof of coverage form section, regulatory agency contact information has been updated for North Carolina.
  • Updates to Washington's uninsured motorists/underinsured motorists (UM/UIM) endorsements are now reflected in the UM/UIM state pages.
  • Michigan's UM/UIM change is the result of legislative reform, which was passed with the intent to control the skyrocketing costs of insurance created by the state's no-fault program. The reforms include optional lower limits for no-fault in addition to the "unlimited" coverage that is currently available. In addition, there is an "opt-out" provision for those with Medicare or qualified health coverages. The legislation became completely effective July 2, 2020.

This Commercial Property Insurance release addresses the December 2020 cyber incident exclusion endorsements for use with the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), commercial property policy forms. It also provides a report on the first decision on a coronavirus business income coverage court case. The discussions of the terrorism endorsements used with ISO commercial property and businessowners policies have been updated to reflect the changes made by the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2019. Also, the ISO commercial flood insurance program discussion has been expanded to address the new cannabis exclusion endorsements for use with the ISO commercial flood policy. Finally, the summaries of state cancellation and nonrenewal provisions for commercial property policies have been updated to reflect the latest changes.

This Construction Risk Management release includes updated summaries of state construction anti-indemnity statutes, an updated discussion of additional insured endorsements for use in construction, an updated construction contract review checklist, and a current overview of the construction industry.

COVID Coverage Issues, available with the Insurance Law Essentials package, has been updated with the latest filings and is now tracking 762 cases as they progress through the courts. See the latest updates to the interactive map; state pages with sortable tables showing various data related to COVID-19 filings; and PDFs of the complaints, motions, policies, endorsements, and other pertinent filings. Also included are breaking case news summaries from court decisions.

D&O MAPS has been expanded to include the following policies and analyses.

We have recently added one new policy form to the D&O Policy Explorer in D&O MAPS, which allows you to compare it to other forms in the database. It is the following.

  • Berkley Healthcare D&O and Entity Liability Coverage Policy

There are 310 directors and officers (D&O) policy forms available for comparison in D&O Policy Explorer in D&O MAPS. Subscribers are invited to submit for analysis policies that are not currently included in D&O MAPS and D&O Policy Explorer.

This release of IRMI Workers Comp contains updated material pertaining to state benefits, state-specific posting notices, and payroll limitations for sole proprietors, partners, executive officers, and limited liability company (LLC) members. Additionally, "Workers Compensation and COVID-19—Resources" is available to provide some resources that can be used to assist navigating the new normal for employers and their workers.

  • For the month of August 2020, there were no changes that affected posting notice requirements.
  • There are no payroll limitation amounts changes that will be effective September 1, 2020.
  • Updated state benefit summaries are included for Delaware, Georgia, and Vermont.

This Professional Liability Insurance release contains updates of several of the discussions within the "Fiduciary Liability Coverage Analysis" section. Throughout the entirety of the section, specimen policy language has been updated to reflect the products in the current market. This release also adds a new discussion from Nancy Kornegay on COVID-19–related D&O litigation.

IRMI Newsletters & Journals

The September 2020 issue of The Risk Report, "Insurance Market Report 2020," reports on the current state of the commercial insurance marketplace, including predictions of what to expect in 2021. It reviews commercial property; commercial liability; professional, management, and cyber-insurance; commercial auto/trucking/transportation; workers compensation; and surety trends. 

The September issue of Captive Insurance Company Reports (CICR) looks at the following topics of interest.


This month, 54 forms and endorsements have been added to the Forms library. These include ISO state-specific commercial auto and cyber forms. Also included are American Association of Insurance Services countrywide interline forms. The Forms library includes more than 35,000 sample policy forms.

IRMI publication date for this page: September 2020