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Personal Lines Tips You Can Use

One of the best ways for agents and brokers to impress and build credibility with their clients is to provide advice and suggestions that help them reduce their risk of loss and their insurance expenditures. And if you are like many insurance professionals, you are continuously seeking unobtrusive ways to contact your customers to remind them that you are there for them. Providing cost-saving risk management advice is certainly one way to do this. Many firms are also in search of high-quality content to include on their websites to encourage people to visit and to attract search engine traffic. Thus, we offer you the monthly "Tip You Can Use" in each issue of Personal Lines Pilot to help you achieve all of these objectives. You are free to use this month's tip any way you wish, subject to the license terms included below. Simply copy the tip, paste it into your website or newsletter, and make any formatting adjustments, being sure to leave the copyright attribution and Web links as per the license agreement below.

This Month's Tip

Why You Need Uninsured Motorists Coverage

With all the different factors that enter into the automobile insurance purchasing process, it is important for you to be well informed in order to make intelligent decisions. One such decision concerns whether to purchase uninsured motorists (UM) and underinsured motorists (UIM) coverage.

UM coverage provides insurance protection for bodily injury, and in some states property damage, caused by a motorist who is not insured. This coverage allows you to collect from your own insurance company as if it provided liability coverage for the negligent and uninsured driver. In contrast, UIM coverage provides insurance protection for bodily injury, and in some states property damage, sustained by you when a motorist who has liability insurance (but is still not sufficiently insured) negligently causes an accident. The following list provides reasons why you should procure UM/UIM coverage.

  • The chance of a negligent uninsured motorist hitting you is greater than you might think. In some states, up to 26 percent of all drivers lack automobile insurance. The countrywide average is 14 percent.

  • UM and UIM coverage is broad, since it provides benefits for you and your family members' injuries sustained (a) in your own covered auto, (b) in autos you do not own, and (c) as pedestrians.

  • The cost for this coverage is very reasonable, compared to liability coverage and physical damage coverage for your own car. The increased costs for higher UM/UIM limits are quite affordable for most people.

  • If your car is damaged by an uninsured driver, the deductible for UM property damage, if available in your state, is normally only $250. This amount is often considerably less than your collision coverage deductible.

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