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Insurance and Risk Management Terms - M


maintenance, cure, and wages

maintenance wrap-up

major life activity

major medical insurance

major shareholder exclusion

malicious code

malicious prosecution


malpractice insurance


managed care

managed care coverage endorsement

managed care liability insurance

managed care organization (MCO)

management advisory services

management liability insurance

Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS®)

managing general agent (MGA)

managing general underwriter (MGU)

mandatory arbitration provision

mandatory securities valuation reserve

manifestation theory

manifest system

manual premium

manual rates

manufacturers and contractors (M&C) insurance

manufacturers output policy (MOP)

manufacturers penalty insurance

manufacturer's selling price endorsement

manuscript certificate of insurance

manuscript form or policy

margin clause

marina operators legal liability coverage

marine insurance

marine survey

maritime law

market conduct

market conduct exam

market cycles

market risk

market service agreement (MSA)

market value

market value clause

masonry noncombustible construction (ISO)

master policy

master service agreement (MSA)

matching deductible

material safety data sheet (MSDS)


mature claims-made


maturity date

maximum foreseeable loss (MFL)

maximum medical improvement (MMI)

maximum possible loss (MPL)

maximum premium

McCarran-Ferguson Act (Public Law 15) of 1945

MCS-90 endorsement

mean reserve

means and methods of construction

mean/variance/covariance (MVC) risk modeling method

media liability coverage


mediation incentive deductible


medical fee schedule

Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) of 1975

medical malpractice "caps"

medical malpractice insurance

medical payments, auto

medical payments, general liability

medical payments, homeowners


Medicare fraud and abuse insurance

Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act (MMSEA) of 2007

Medicare set-aside

Medigap policy


membership accounting

members of Lloyd's of London

mental impairment

mental-mental injuries

menu-driven policy

mercantile open stock

mercantile robbery

mercantile safe burglary

Meredith Principles

merger and acquisition litigation

merger objection lawsuit

Mexico coverage



Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSAWPA) of 1983

mill construction

Miller Act of 1935

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

mineral lease

mine subsidence coverage

minimum and deposit (M&D)

minimum deposit policy

minimum premium

ministerial exception



minor's compromise

miscellaneous liability coverage

miscellaneous medical facilities

miscellaneous type vehicles

misclassification claims


misstatement of age provision

mixed-motive evidentiary standard (in employment discrimination cases)

mix of services

mobile equipment

mobile home policy


model act

modification factor (the "mod")

modified fire resistive construction (ISO)

modified premium

monetary threshold

money and securities broad form policy

money orders and counterfeit paper currency insurance


monopolistic state funds

Monte Carlo simulation (MCS)

Montrose doctrine

Montrose provision

moonlighting coverage

morale hazard

moral hazard



mortality table

mortgage-backed security

mortgage errors and omissions insurance


mortgage impairment insurance

mortgage insurance

mortgage (mortgagee) clause

most favored venue wording


motion in limine

motion practice

motion to dismiss

Motor Carrier Act (MCA) of 1980

Motor Carrier Act Endorsement

motor carrier policy

motorcycle insurance

motor home policy

motor truck cargo

motor vehicle

motor vehicle insurance law

motor vehicle record (MVR)

motor vehicle registration law

moving cause

multiemployer pension and benefit plans

multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI)

multi-period excess earnings (MPEE) method

multiple coordinated policies

multiple indemnity

multiple parent captive

multiple protection insurance

multiple trigger insurance contracts

multiplied damages

multiyear single limit (MYSL)

mutual additional insured status

mutual benefit association

mutual company

mutual fund

mutual insurer


mutual law enforcement agreements


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