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Insurance and Risk Management Terms - G


gap financing

garagekeepers coverage/garagekeepers legal liability

garagekeepers extra legal liability

garage liability insurance

garage policy

garment contractors floater

General Adjustment Bureau (GAB)

general agency system

general aggregate limit

general average losses

general counsel

general damages

general duty clause

general employer

general exclusions

general inclusions

general indemnity clause

general liability insurance

generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)

general maritime law

general supervision

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008

geographical (coverage territory) limitations

glass ceiling

glass insurance

global insurance program


good faith settlement

"good guy" letter

good local standard

Good Samaritan statutes

good student discount

governing classification

grace period

graded commission

graduated drivers licenses

Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act of 1999

green building

greenmail exclusion

green upgrades coverage

gross cessation

gross combination weight (GCW)

gross domestic product (GDP)

gross earnings coverage

gross loss reserves

gross negligence

gross premium

gross profits insurance

gross receipts or mileage, auto

gross vehicle weight (GVW)

gross weight

gross written premium (GWP)

ground coverage

ground up loss

group annuity

group captive

group certificate

group contract

group credit insurance

group insurance

group of companies

group-owned captive

group practice health maintenance organization

group property and liability insurance

group self-insurance

guaranteed auto protection (GAP)

guaranteed cost

guaranteed cost discount (GCD)

guaranteed cost insurance

guaranteed cost premium

guaranteed insurability

guaranteed investment contract (GIC)

guaranteed renewable

guaranteed replacement cost

guaranty agreement

guaranty fund

guardian ad litem

Guertin laws

guests' property, premises

guests' property, safe deposit box

guest statutes, auto

guest voluntary settlement, aircraft


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