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IRMI Online Dashboards

To access your IRMI subscription publications, Sign In. The table of contents will then display your publications in the appropriate folders on the left side of the page. When signed in, your publications will also be included in the search results, as well as in a filter on the left side of the search results page.

The IRMI Online Dashboards are navigation tools to help you find what you need in the vast IRMI Online library of paid and free content.

Free Content Dashboard

The free risk and insurance content dashboard links you to all the free risk management and insurance content within IRMI Online. As you will see, there is a substantial amount of this information, including a risk management primer, one of the most comprehensive insurance glossaries available anywhere, and more than 1,000 risk and insurance articles.

Paid Content Dashboards

The paid content dashboards are designed to assist specific types of risk and insurance professionals more quickly find the information they need in the IRMI publications to which they subscribe. These dashboards include links to many different IRMI publications and will be most useful to subscribers to multiple titles.

If you subscribe to only one or two IRMI publications, the dashboards will probably not be very helpful. In this case, the best approaches to finding information in them is to (1) use the search feature in IRMI Online or (2) use the publications tables of contents.

In most cases the dashboard most closely associated with your principal job function will work best for you. Thus, a commercial property or liability underwriter would choose the commercial underwriter dashboard, a risk manager would choose the risk management dashboard, a personal lines agent or adjuster would choose the personal lines dashboard, etc. However, if you are trying to find information that would typically be more applicable to some other type of risk professional, you might find it useful to peruse the dashboard for that type of professional. For example, a risk manager trying to determine how to deal with a liability claim or a broker trying to help a client deal with one will likely find it helpful to review the commercial claims dashboard. Likewise, an agent or broker trying to provide risk management advice to a client might benefit from the risk management dashboard.

Once you find a dashboard that works well for you, consider making it your home page for your browser or adding it to your favorites by using the IRMI Online "Bookmark" button. Remember that it is best not to log out of IRMI Online when you are finished using it. If you just close the page without logging out, you won't have to log in the next time you use it.

In most cases, when you navigate to a page in IRMI Online from a dashboard link, the table of contents on the left hand side of your screen will automatically adjust to show you what publication you are in and where you are in that publication, by highlighting the appropriate entry. However, there are a few exceptions, relating to certain types of files. If the table of contents does not automatically highlight the appropriate entry to show your location within IRMI Online, click "Sync" in the tool bar at the top of the document window. This will cause the table of contents to expand as necessary and place a highlight on the table of contents entry corresponding with your current location.

The following are the paid content dashboards: