How To Use IRMI

Step-by-step instructions for navigating and searching the free and paid content in and IRMI Online

How To Navigate

A lot has changed from the old to the new The new website provides users with a brand-new experience. In this video, we explain the basics of navigating the new


Searching is the primary way that IRMI users access content on our website. To make searching easier, we've added a search bar to the top-line navigation bar, which is visible on every page. In this video, we explain the basics of how the search function works.


For the curious, here are some additional facts as to how the search engine functions.

  • It is not case sensitive.
  • The search engine as some word matching where it will treat plural and tensed words as the actual phrase, but rank them lower.
  • Typing multiple words will instruct the search engine to find documents where both of those words appear anywhere on the page. So "additional insured" = "additional" AND "insured."
  • Multiple words do not necessarily have to be together. "Additional" could be in one spot and "insured" could be in another, and the document would count as a valid search result.
  • The search engine will prioritize documents where the search terms are next to each other. Searching for "additional insured" will turn up results for "additional insured" first, followed by the results which contain both the word "additional" and "insured".
  • You can use Boolean operators in the simple search bar. E.g., "additional or insured". This will expand the search to include documents where either word appears on the page.
  • Adding quotes around the search terms will limit the search results to just the documents using that exact phrase.
  • Quotes are the most useful when used in conjunction with Boolean operators. E.g. "additional insured" AND "architect".

The Advanced Search feature is especially useful when a basic search would produce too many "hits"—that is, find too many sources of information on the searched-for term(s). In this video, we explain how to find and use the advanced search options.


IRMI Online—Basic Training

IRMI Online is the library of subscription-based content that is separate from the free content on It is also sometimes referred to as the "KnowledgeBase." In this video, we explain the basics of the IRMI Online user interface.


IRMI Online—How To Find Information

With 75,000 documents at your fingertips, finding the information you need can sometimes be a little tricky. To help, we've developed five ways for finding information in IRMI Online, as this video explains.


Exposure Surveys and Insurance Checklists

The Exposure Survey Questionnaire and IRMI Insurance Checklists are two reference products consisting of downloadable Word documents you can use in your day-to-day operations. They will help you thoroughly and accurately review exposures, collect all of the information you need to submit to insurers, and help protect against errors and omissions (E&O) claims.


IRMI Hyperpolicies

IRMI Hyperpolicies are PDFs of common ISO coverage forms that have been hyperlinked to the IRMI discussions of the various policy provisions and internal policy definitions. They are a great way of navigating IRMI Online content! If you know where a particular coverage provision or exclusion is located in the policy, you can quickly link from there to expert analyses, historical changes, and court precedents.

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