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Providing a Risk Tip is a great way to get your name and your firm's website in front of tens of thousands of interested professionals at virtually no cost. Send us your Risk Tip on buying insurance, managing claims, or filling gaps in insurance coverages, and reach more than 40,000 subscribers in our industry (plus thousands more when subscribers forward the issue to clients and colleagues). Your name, title, location, and a link to your firm's website will be featured. Since past issues are archived in (a very highly ranked website by Google and other search engines), including a link to your firm's site in one or more Risk Tips provides an additional benefit of improving your website's rankings in the search engines.

About Risk Tips

Risk Tips must be short (only a paragraph or two), original, and practical. They should pertain to a wide audience and not be specific to a particular industry or state. Narrow, topical subjects work well. Risk Tips may not be promotional. To qualify for publication in IRMI Update, a tip must meet the following requirements.

  • Be original (not published elsewhere).
  • Be active—offer advice on what readers can do to manage risk or improve insurance coverage.
  • Focus on managing an organization's risks or insurance (rather than individuals).
  • Apply broadly (e.g., it should not apply only to contractors or in a particular state).
  • Be educational and not self-promoting. Your by-line is your promotion.
  • Be the right length—150 to 300 words.

Selected tips are sent to the authors for their review prior to publication. Risk Tips remain in the IRMI Update archives on the website, providing exposure for years to come. See some good examples of Risk Tips in the compendium of 25 tips that come when you register for IRMI Update.

About IRMI Update

IRMI Update is a free opt-in e-zine, published 22 times a year, since July 2000. Written for anyone interested in insurance and risk management issues, IRMI Update is sent as a twice-monthly HTML email to more than 40,000 subscribers. Subscriber surveys show that, on average, most subscribers forward each issue to at least one other person, making the readership even higher. Past issues are archived on the website, and occasionally some of the best are selected for publication in a separate compendium. This provides lasting exposure to Risk Tip authors and their organizations. Risk Tips are a primary focus of IRMI Update and are mentioned in the subject line of nearly every issue.

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