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Compiled by Rick Betterley, a leading consultant on professional liability markets, these free copies of the executive summaries of The Betterley Report provide a series of highly acclaimed Market Survey Reports on six specialty insurance products, including technology errors and omissions and cyber/privacy/media liability.

Cyber Privacy Insurance Market Survey 2016

  • Coverage for Deceptive Funds Transfer (Social Engineering)
  • Exclusions for Failure to Maintain Security Standards Remain a Problem
  • Three New Carriers Added: Cyber Plus (from Australia), eFranchisorSuite, and V.O. Schinnerer
  • Carriers Removed from Survey: ANV (not offering Cyber products), Brit (Unresponsive to Requests for Information), and Crum & Forster (diminished appetite)
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Employment Practices Liability Insurance Market Survey 2016

  • Rates for Other Insurance Lines May Be Softening, but Not for EPLI
  • Berkshire Hathaway and Devon Specialty Added to EPLI Market Survey
  • MarketStance Reports on Volume and Growth Opportunities
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Private Company Management Liability Insurance Market Survey 2016

  • New Carrier Added: Berkshire Hathaway
  • New Coverage Options for Deceptive Funds Transfer (Also Called Social Engineering) Theft
  • Additional Details about Cyber-Coverage Options Available under a Private Company Policy
  • Rates? Pretty Much Sideways
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Technology Errors & Omissions Market Survey 2017

  • Arch Added to Our Report
  • Chubb and Ace Products Combined under the Chubb Name
  • Swiss Re Removed from Our Report
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Intellectual Property and Media Liability Insurance Market Survey 2017

  • Eight Insurers Offering Intellectual Property Patent Infringement and Related Products
  • Thirteen Insurers Included for Media Liability
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Side A D&O Liability Insurance Market Survey 2016

  • Rates Are Generally Flat
  • Public Company Market Is Saturated, but Opportunities Still Exist in Larger Nonpublic Sectors 

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