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Complimentary Access to the IP and Media Liability Edition of The Betterley Report 


In today's technology-driven and media-focused environment, essentially any company using the Internet is faced with intellectual property (IP) and media exposures.

The "Intellectual Property and Media Liability Insurance Market Survey" edition of The Betterley Report compares and contrasts the options available in the insurance marketplace and will help you better address IP and media exposures.

Following a general overview of the state of the IP and media liability insurance market, the report dives into the trademark feature offered in each edition of The Betterley Report: incomparably detailed charts comparing the leading IP and media liability insurers.

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Get Market Information for 24 Insurers Based on 3 Categories:

  1. Targeted Insureds by Size
  2. Targeted Insureds by Industry
  3. Prohibited Insureds


insurers analyzed


pages of charts

12 types of insurer comparison charts available in full report:
  • Contact and Product Information
  • Product Description
  • Market Information
  • Limits, Deductibles, Coinsurance, and Commissions
  • Policy Type, Who Is Insured, Definition of Claim
  • Claims Reporting, Extended Reporting Period, Selection of Counsel, Consent To Settle
  • Patent Infringement Abatement Coverage
  • Patent Infringement Defense Coverage
  • Media Liability Coverage
  • Patent Infringement Exclusions
  • Media Liability Exclusions
  • Risk Management Services

Sell more and grow revenue by pinpointing errors in competitors' policies and proposals. Access your complimentary copy of The Betterley Report today.

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