10 Key Steps To Prepare for a Disaster

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Natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires can strike you and your family at any time with little warning. The prevalence and potency of these disasters point toward the need for you and your family to develop a thorough personal disaster plan.

A natural catastrophe can require you to evacuate your home immediately, or it may confine you to your home. Basic services—such as electricity, gas, water, and telephone services—may be cut off for extended periods of time. A family disaster plan helps you prepare for these types of adverse situations and mitigate the devastating effects of a catastrophe.

A disaster plan should, at the bare minimum, address the following ten steps or action items.

  • Identify Hazards in the Home
  • Learn First Aid and CPR Skills
  • Develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Establish a Disaster Meeting Place and Family Contact
  • Prepare Adequate Water and Food Supplies
  • Store Emergency Supplies
  • Care for Pets
  • Prepare for Disaster in a Vehicle
  • Prepare for Disaster at Work or School
  • Practice, Modify, and Maintain the Plan
10 Key Steps To Prepare for a Disaster

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