What Others Are Saying about MLIS

"Believe it? You should. As any professional can attest, the more knowledge you have in your area of expertise, the more valuable you are and are perceived to be to your clients/employers, etc.

"I have been in specialty lines now for over 17 years and when I found the MLIS course a couple of years ago I started it with the attitude that a little more knowledge even if it turns out to be a refresher can never hurt, and having a designation is certainly a benefit. The designation behind your name can be and frequently is the start of many conversations during which you get to show customers who may not have previously asked how much you actually do know about the product you sell.

"I liked the designation and course procedure so much that I made it a requirement for my entire office—brokers and account managers alike—to obtain it, and they all have. The entire staff in my branch office is MLIS designated. The degree of knowledge they obtained in doing the course has made them a valuable asset to our customers. We used the course of study as a springboard to infuse the thirst for knowledge in our team and are now working on the RPLU course. Our entire team will become designees at around the same time.

"MLIS has benefited us in many ways, expanding the knowledge base, building on those things I already knew, and expanding those that I peripherally knew. Because of the MLIS exposure, I decided to use IRMI for workers compensation training and opened an entirely new avenue for our office.

"I definitely recommend challenging your office to study, test, and earn the MLIS designation! It is an inexpensive way to get knowledge of D&O/EPL/fiduciary/E&O for all of your staff who support these lines." 

—Gregg Higgins, MLIS
Branch Vice President
Elm Insurance Brokers
Mission Viejo, CA

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