Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs relate primarily to the Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS®) certification itself.

  • I have begun the MLIS program, how does the update affect me?

  • Can I take a core certification course and count it as a renewal course for another certification? Can a renewal course be used for more than one certification? What is the reciprocity discount program?

  • How do I earn the MLIS certification?

  • Do I need an insurance background as a prerequisite for taking the MLIS program?

  • How does MLIS compare to the RPLU program?

  • How does MLIS compare to the CPCU or CIC programs?

  • I'm an insurance agent/broker. How would I benefit from obtaining this certification?

  • If I am a risk manager or insurance buyer, how will the MLIS program help me?

  • I'm a seasoned risk management or insurance professional. Why should I bother with this?

  • If I already hold one or more insurance certifications, must I still pass all the MLIS courses, or do you give cross credit for them?

  • How long does it take to complete each course?

  • How many questions are on the final exam?

  • What score must I make to pass the exam?

  • How much insurance CE credit do the courses provide?

  • Does completing MLIS courses (or the entire certification) qualify for credit in any insurance industry programs other than regulatory insurance CE credit?

  • Why is there a continuing education requirement for the MLIS certification?

  • Must a seminar, webinar, or conference be pre-approved for MLIS continuing education credit?

  • How will others know I have this certification?

  • Once I earn the certification, can I ever lose it?

  • Is renewal continuing education credit earned in one year transferable to the next year?

  • Will I receive notification of the need to renew my MLIS certification?

  • Can I obtain the MLIS certification if I am not a US resident?

  • Is your technology dependable?

  • Who will service my CE account?

  • Can I give copies of the course guides to other people?

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