Approved Events

You can maintain your Management Liability and Insurance Specialist (MLIS®) certification by attending an approved webinar, seminar, or conference providing at least 6 hours of credit.

Approved MLIS Events

The following seminars, conferences, and webinars have been approved for MLIS reaccreditation.

Event MLIS Credit Sponsor Program Dates
IRMI Management Liability Insurance Webinars
1 hour per webinar IRMI TBD

Get MLIS Credit

If you recently attended a conference, seminar, or webinar that pertains to management liability and insurance, and you would like to apply for MLIS reaccreditation credit, follow these steps.

  1. Attend a webinar, seminar, or conference that has been approved for MLIS reaccreditation. You must attend the webinar, seminar, or conference after receiving your MLIS certification.

  2. The sponsor will provide you with a Certificate of Completion containing a unique and nontransferable Completer Code number.

  3. If a single event provided the 6 hours needed for reaccreditation, go to the Voucher/Promotion/Completer Code Redemption page in the MLIS Learning Center to report your attendance and pay the reaccreditation fee. You will need the Completer Code number from the Certificate of Completion you received when you do so. The fee for this reaccreditation option pays the costs of administering this part of the MLIS program.

  4. If you are attending multiple events to satisfy the 6-hour requirement, follow the procedures below.

    • Once you have completed the required 6 hours for reaccreditation, please submit an MLIS Reaccreditation Certification Form and evidence of completion certificates to [email protected].

    • If you attended IRMI webinars for credit but were not the registered attendee, complete an MLIS Webinar Certification Form for each webinar.

      • All attendees should print and sign their name and provide their email addresses.

      • The person who has paid for the webinar and signed on will be the person who signs the document assuring that those individuals have listened to the webinar in its entirety.

      • Each attendee will need to be provided a copy of the signed form.

      • When all three webinars have been completed, submit an MLIS Reaccreditation Certification Form with each signed MLIS Webinar Certification Form to [email protected].

    • Once IRMI has received and verified course attendance, an email will be sent providing

      • a link to the website to report attendance and

      • a Voucher Code, which is used to certify completion of the required 6 hours,

If you have any questions or issues with this process, please call (800) 827–4242 and ask to speak with a CE coordinator.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the reaccreditation process and pay the reaccreditation fee. When asked to sign in, it is important that you enter the same ID and password used when taking the MLIS certification courses. If you do not remember your login information, you may contact WebCE at (800) 488–9308 during normal business hours.

Get Your Event Approved

If your organization sponsors webinars, seminars, conferences, or other educational programs that focus on management liability risk management and insurance topics, consider having them certified for MLIS reaccreditation. In addition to this focus, they must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  1. The duration of instruction must be at least 6 hours.

  2. The program content must provide a level of instruction that will advance the knowledge and competence of someone who has completed the MLIS core curriculum.

  3. You must have a satisfactory method of monitoring attendance or completion of the course.

  4. You must agree to certain administration, notification, and record-keeping requirements.

Obtaining MLIS reaccreditation approval will make your seminar or conference more attractive to those potential participants who have obtained the MLIS certification. We may also provide a link from our listing of approved programs in the MLIS website to your promotional page in your website.

If you are interested in having your seminar or conference approved, please contact the Director of Training and Education at IRMI.

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