About MLIS

The Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS®) program is composed of a specialized curriculum focused specifically on directors and officers (D&O) liability, employment practices liability (EPL), and fiduciary liability insurance.

Those who complete the program are then entitled to display the MLIS certification to certify their knowledge of management liability insurance and risk management. The program is designed specifically for retail insurance agents and brokers and risk managers but will also be useful to surplus lines brokers and underwriters.

To obtain the MLIS certification, you complete the five core courses. To maintain the MLIS certification, you obtain only 6 hours of approved professional or management liability insurance continuing education credit during the initial 24 months and every 12 months thereafter (generally one online course or a half day of seminar attendance). The entire curriculum is delivered online through a user-friendly interface. The MLIS program is brought to you by IRMI, the leader in risk management and insurance research and education for more than 30 years.

About the MLIS Program

Anyone who designs, sells, buys, litigates, or underwrites D&O, fiduciary, or EPL insurance should consider taking the MLIS program. You should strongly consider taking the MLIS continuing education program if you are a:
  • Retail insurance agent or broker
  • Risk manager or insurance manager
  • Risk and insurance consultant
Additionally, surplus lines brokers and management liability underwriters, particularly those new to professional or management liability insurance, may benefit from this educational program.
Management liability exposures and coverages are quite complex, and insurance generalists frequently make errors in designing programs for their clients. Thus, IRMI developed the MLIS program in response to concerns expressed by clients about the difficulty of determining whether their insurance agents, brokers, and other risk advisers have the specialized knowledge necessary to properly design and arrange their insurance programs. Completing the MLIS curriculum will ensure that the agent, broker, consultant, or in-house risk manager or insurance buyer understands the most important aspects of professional and management liability. The program also establishes the individual's commitment to the industry with a mandatory continuing education component focusing on professional and management liability insurance. When dealing with a holder of the MLIS certification, a buyer will know that this person possesses at least a basic-to-intermediate understanding of management liability exposures, insurance, and risk management techniques and that the person is making an effort to stay on top of relevant insurance industry changes and trends.
As a member of the International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP) or Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), you qualify for a 10 percent discount off the course fee and, if you need it, insurance CE fee. If you are an IAIP member, simply enter H268907 when asked for your special promotion code upon checkout. And if you are a RIMS member, enter B352233. All IAIP and RIMS orders will be checked against the membership lists, so please do not claim one of the discounts unless it applies to you. The MLIS program becomes even more economical if you bulk order the courses. Discounts apply to orders of 50 or more courses. You can purchase them on behalf of your colleagues or your clients. Insurers may wish to purchase them as a benefit for their top agents. We can prepare custom vouchers with your logo to use as gifts for your staff, preferred agents, or clients at no additional cost! For more information, phone us toll free at (800) 827–4242 (in Dallas (972) 960–7693) and ask for IRMI Client Services.
The MLIS curriculum is composed of five intermediate-level courses. All of the courses focus specifically on the exposures and insurance available to cover directors and officers (D&O), employment practices liability (EPL), and fiduciary liability. They are designed for anyone who designs, sells, buys, litigates, or underwrites D&O, fiduciary, or EPL insurance. Completing the core curriculum qualifies you to use the MLIS certification for 12 months. To maintain the certification, the MLIS certification holder must complete 6 hours of approved professional or management liability insurance continuing education credit during the initial 12 months and every 12 months thereafter. This requirement can be satisfied through just one additional online CE course or by attending approved seminars and conferences.
The MLIS continuing education (CE) program is a convenient way to obtain state insurance CE credit in all states while gaining meaningful knowledge that will help you sell, service, or buy professional, D&O, E&O, EPL, or fiduciary liability insurance. You can take an MLIS CE course at any time on any computer connected to the Internet. The MLIS CE courses are self-paced, and the course fees are very affordable. Completing MLIS courses (or the entire certification) qualifies for credit under the CPCU Continuing Professional Development program and RIMS Fellow designation at this time, and we are working toward having MLIS recognized by some others.
Completing the MLIS Certification counts as 2 days of RIMS Fellow (RF) workshop credits toward the RF designation. To receive credit, you must send RIMS a copy of your MLIS Certificate that you receive after completing all courses. Please send the copy to RIMS, Professional Development Department, 1065 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018, or fax to (212) 655–5929.
It is easy to enroll in the MLIS continuing education program. Just go to the Course Catalog in the MLIS Learning Center, select the CE course(s) you wish to take, indicate whether you need state insurance CE or CPE credit, and proceed to checkout. At checkout, you'll be asked to provide basic contact information about yourself, register your credit card for payment of the course fees, and agree to receive communications about the program and your certification from us via email. If you are a member of the RIMS or IAIP, don't forget to enter the special code (see Discount details above) when you check out to receive the discount. In less than 10 minutes, you are on your way to the CE credit you need!
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