What Others Are Saying about CRIS

Patricia Kagerer
Risk Management Executive


Mike Best
Partner & Licensed Insurance Producer
United Assurance


Frank Keres
Risk Manager
Clune Construction Company


Kevin Turner
Safety Director
Hunt Construction Group


Additional Accolades

"CRIS really has become a valuable part of our training curriculum. Most of our people, no matter where they are in their career, say it is a great refresher and helps wrap their heads back around the basics of coverage. CRIS also helps our Account Executives think like their customers, which is very powerful for them when working with contractors." -Mary T. Kycia, business insurance director of workforce development, Travelers
"With 12 years of insurance experience and then 10 years out of the industry, I came back to work needing a refresher. I became an account manager for some very large developers and builders, and my boss suggested I look into the CRIS program. CRIS gave me the confidence to work with these large accounts and feel good about guiding them through the insurance waters." -Dorothy B. Piehl, account manager, Smith Insurance Services, Inc.
"As is always the case with an IRMI product, the CRIS materials were very well done and will be a useful reference source for my future use." -Robert Higgins, vice president—risk services, Schiff, Kreidler-Shell
"Managing construction risk poses unique challenges for contractors, brokers, insurance agents, underwriters and claims professionals. At Harleysville Insurance, we recognize that special training and certification related to this line of business can greatly benefit our insured contractors and our organization. That's why every member of our construction litigation team has earned the CRIS certification. The program's course materials include a healthy balance of topics that are familiar to construction risk professionals, along with well-timed reminders of the concepts we don't address on a daily basis. The CRIS certification reflects our organization's dedication and commitment to the construction market, as well as our efforts to respond to the challenges and opportunities we face in managing construction risk." -Lee Wright, construction defect litigation manager, Harleysville Insurance
"I discovered the Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist (CRIS) program through the National Association of Insurance Women, International. This program is terrific; it not only provided me with expertise in the construction industry, but also gave me continuing education (CE) credits that I needed for my insurance agent’s license. The courses were offered online which provided me the flexibility of studying and taking the exams at my convenience. I would recommend this program to anyone in the insurance industry." -Joi Wilson, senior account executive, Star Risk Services, Inc.
"This is the most comprehensive program that I have seen for construction professionals or for those that want to become knowledgeable in the field. The five parts are laid out very well and address the needs of the construction industry. It provides a valuable tool for the insurance buyer as well as agent/brokers who need to understand the various forms/coverage being offered today. I would also recommend it to any company underwriter who deals with construction as it provides a wealth of information to assist in a better understanding of the industry. I don't think there is anyone that could not benefit by taking the courses. Both IRMI and WebCE have done an excellent job in putting this one together. I applaud those responsible for the development of this needed educational tool." -Wafford E. Dilliard, Reeves, Coon & Funderburg
"The material has been very useful not just with our construction accounts, but as a source of reference with our contracting (and other) accounts as well. We all have a lot to keep up with in this business, and I’m looking forward to the courses that will appear for continuing ed credit as one way to meet this challenge." -L. Kevin O’Connor, claims, Gencorp Insurance Group
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