Renew Your Certification

Once you earn the right to use the Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS®) certification, you must engage in an ongoing continuing education process to maintain it.

This involves obtaining 6 hours of approved construction risk and insurance continuing education credit every 12 months.

You may obtain this CE credit in one of two ways:

  1. Attending the annual IRMI Construction Risk Conference
  2. Completing online CRIS reaccreditation courses, or
  3. Attending webinars, seminars, conferences, or other educational events that have been approved for CRIS reaccreditation (and notifying us that you have completed them).

CRIS Reaccreditation Courses

The IRMI Learning Center offers a number of construction risk and insurance courses designed to increase your expertise. In most cases, one of these courses is all that is necessary to satisfy your 6-hour CE requirement, and most also qualify for insurance CE if you need it. Here is a list of the currently available courses:

  • Additional Insured Issues

  • Captives as Risk Retention Mechanisms

  • Captives as Risk Transfer Mechanisms

  • Contractors Pollution Liability

  • Contractual Risk Transfer in Construction

  • Controlled Insurance Programs

  • Credit Insurance

  • Design-Build Risks and Insurance

  • Forming & Operating a Captive Insurer

  • Political Risk Insurance

  • Principles of Fraud Detection: Construction

  • Umbrella Liability Insurance for Contractors

  • Understanding Construction Insurance Rates and Premiums

These courses are now available in the CRIS Learning Center’s Course Catalog. Simply go to the CRIS Learning Center, select “CRIS Courses for Reaccreditation,” and then click on the “Reaccreditation” tab at the top of your screen. We will periodically add more courses in the future to build a library of courses focused on the risk and insurance issues faced by contractors.


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