About AFIS

The Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) program is a specialized curriculum focusing on the insurance and risk management needs of agribusinesses and farms. Those who complete the program are entitled to display the AFIS certification to certify their knowledge of agribusiness and farm insurance and risk management and their dedication to the industry.

To obtain the AFIS certification, you complete five specialized courses on agribusiness and farm risks and insurance. To maintain the AFIS certification, you obtain only 6 hours of approved agribusiness risk and insurance continuing education credit every 12 months. The AFIS program is brought to you by IRMI, the leader in risk management and insurance research and education for more than 30 years.

About the AFIS Program

Anyone who designs, sells, buys, or underwrites agribusiness and farm insurance programs should consider taking the AFIS program. You should strongly consider the AFIS continuing education program if you are a(n):
  • Insurance agent or broker
  • Customer service representative
  • Risk manager or insurance manager
  • Chief financial officer, controller, or other executive who buys insurance
  • Insurance underwriter or adjuster
  • Risk and insurance consultant
  • Safety and risk control professional
  • Surplus lines broker
  • Attorney dealing with agribusiness and farm issues
The AFIS continuing education program was developed to provide an opportunity for insurance agents, brokers, customer service representatives, and in-house risk managers or insurance buyers to gain specialized expertise in agribusiness and farm insurance and risk management. Obtaining the AFIS certification will increase the competence, confidence, and credibility of insurance professionals who sell or underwrite insurance for agribusinesses and farms. Completing the AFIS certification will ensure that the agent, broker, consultant, or in-house risk manager or insurance purchaser understands the most important insurance needs of agribusinesses and farms. A client who buys insurance from an AFIS certification holder will know he or she is dealing with someone who is committed to the agribusiness industry. Agribusiness and farm insurance buyers who obtain the certification will have the knowledge to make wiser insurance and risk management decisions. Join the AFIS LinkedIn group, or search the AFIS Broker Directory.
There are discounts available for IIABA members and bulk purchases of more than 50 AFIS programs. You can purchase them on behalf of your colleagues or your clients. Insurers may wish to purchase them as a benefit for their top agents. Discounts apply to orders of 50 or more courses. We can prepare custom vouchers with your logo to use as gifts for your staff, preferred agents, or clients at no additional cost! For more information, phone us toll free at (800) 827–4242 (in Dallas, 972–960–7693) and ask for IRMI Client Services.
The core curriculum is composed of five basic- to intermediate-level insurance and risk management continuing education courses directly focused on the unique needs of agribusinesses and farms. Completing the core curriculum qualifies an individual to use the AFIS certification for 12 months. To maintain the certification, the AFIS certification holder must complete only 6 hours of AFIS continuing education credit every 12 months thereafter. Every third year, those 6 hours must be obtained by attending an Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference.
It is easy to enroll in the AFIS continuing education program. Just go to the Course Catalog in the AFIS Learning Center, select the CE course(s) you wish to take, indicate whether you need state insurance CE credit, and proceed to checkout. At checkout, you'll be asked to provide basic contact information about yourself, register your credit card for payment of the course fees, and agree to receive communications about the program and your certification from us via email. In less than 10 minutes, you are on your way to the CE credit you need!
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