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CF Jordan Risk/Safety Management Department Receives Gary E. Bird Horizon Award for Innovative Loss Control Program

Release Date: Oct 30, 2007

Release Date: October 31, 2007
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ORLANDO—The Risk/Safety Management Department of CF Jordan LP was honored today at the 27th IRMI Construction Risk Conference with the Gary E. Bird Horizon Award. Rob Hutchison, CF Jordan’s Chief Financial Officer, accepted the award on behalf of the Department. The award was bestowed on the group for implementing a fully integrated risk/safety management process that improved the company’s overall performance in the following areas: safety, quality assurance, and wellness. The impact of the process has produced an estimated direct cost savings for workers compensation over the period of 2002–2006 of more than $2.5 million. Additionally, workers compensation claims severity for the organization is down 85 percent from 2004.

The Gary E. Bird Horizon Award is presented annually by IRMI to recognize a demonstrated commitment to improving construction risk management through the implementation of innovative, cost-effective, and efficient risk management techniques.

The panel of industry experts selected by IRMI to judge the award submissions made insightful comments about the winning submission. "The concept of weaving workers compensation, quality assurance and wellness together is creative and, I think, appropriate!” offered one judge. Another judge remarked that "Behavior based programs are becoming best practice. The difficulty has been the actual measurement and feedback loop to push performance. They seem to have figured this out.” A third judge commented, "This approach deals with three current issues plaguing the (construction) industry; health of the aging workforce, degradation in quality, and maintaining a safe work environment with the growing workforce.”

The other finalists for the award were Charles A. Bacon, III, President/CEO and Safety Leader, Limbach Facility Services LLC; Andy Estrada, Vice President Risk Management and Safety, Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (on behalf of the Comfort Systems USA, Inc., Senior Safety Team); and Gene Patrick, Construction Safety Manager, Oregon Health & Science University.

The award was named for Gary E. Bird, a nationally recognized risk management expert who was known for his significant and cutting-edge risk management solutions. The next award will be presented on October 29, 2008, at the 28th IRMI Construction Risk Conference in Las Vegas. In addition to recognition, the winner receives complimentary registration, travel, and lodging to the next IRMI Construction Risk Conference. To find out more about this award, its qualification requirements, and how to apply, contact Christine Fuge of IRMI at 1-800-827-4242, ext. 346, or visit the IRMI website at and go to the "Conference” section of the site.