Tech-eRisk 2010 Webinar Series

Wording Issues For Policies Insuring Tech, Media, Cyber And Privacy Risk

Part 1 and Part 2 are archived and still available for purchase.

Purchase the Part 1 webinar, or the Part 2 webinar for only $39 each, per Internet connection. There are no restrictions on how many people view the webinar using this single connection and sign-in (e.g., in a conference room). The webinars will be archived and available for your access up to six months from the date it occurs.

Webinar Description

Standard liability insurance policies typically provide little or no coverage for the risk arising out of corporate activities utilizing the Internet and other technologies. As a result, most large corporations—even companies that are not considered technology companies—need specialized insurance to protect against cyber, technology, media, Internet liability, or network security (privacy) liability risks. Additionally, specialized first-party cyber insurance is also needed by some companies. The media and cyber insurance policies available in the market today vary, sometimes dramatically, from one insurer to the next, and some coverage terms are highly negotiable. This makes it very challenging for risk professionals to compare one insurer's policy form to another and to know what enhancements might be negotiated.

The two policy wording Tech-eRisk webinars will explore available policy forms for both first-party and third-party exposures and review macro issues to consider when structuring an insurance program to respond to technology, media, cyber, and privacy risks. These webinars will also enhance your understanding of key wording issues to consider for these special liability and first-party insurance policies. At the conclusion, you will be much better positioned to identify your organization's specific needs, compare the forms of two or more insurers, and negotiate for specific enhancements to tailor coverage to your organization's or clients' needs.

The speaker is an attorney who knows the market and has considerable experience assisting risk managers and agents/brokers in negotiating coverage terms with cyber insurance underwriters.

Presented by Michael A. Rossi, Esq., Insurance Law Group, Inc.

Who Should Consider Purchasing

Risk managers, agents, brokers, underwriters, adjusters and others who must understand and mitigate the complex risks and exposures posed by cyber risks.

Benefits to Your Participation

Attendees will gain a better understanding of:

  • Issues to consider when structuring an insurance program to address eRisks
  • Policy forms available to address first-party and third party exposures
  • Key wording issues to consider

Continuing Education Credit Information

Attending three webinars from the Tech-eRisk 2010 Webinar Series, or three of the Management Liability Insurance Webinars will satisfy the annual reaccreditation requirement for the MLIS program.

CPCUs attending this webinar will be awarded one (1) CPD (continuing professional development) program point.

This webinar has not been filed for and will not satisfy state insurance CE requirements in any state. It has also not been filed for CLE or CPE credit, but you may be able to self-file after attending the program.

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