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Classification Cross-ReferenceAuthor: Maureen McLendon
16th edition
Pages: 603
Includes: Bonus Publications
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This handy tool is a must have for anyone involved with workers compensation or general liability rating, premium determination, or premium auditing. It cross indexes all the workers compensation, SIC, NAICS, and general liability classification codes to each other. If you know one applicable classification for the insured, you can quickly find any other classification you need.

The incredibly powerful online version allows you to sort, search, and scan the codes in almost any manner you can imagine. Users have access to NAICS descriptions with more details just a click away, meaning you can read the description without the need to visit another website!

Whether in print or online, this publication has always been popular because it saves agents, CSRs, premium auditors, and underwriters huge amounts of time in selecting or verifying the correct classification.

Features and Benefits to You

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more info Agents, Brokers and Account Support Staff

  • Prevent internal errors and/or identify errors in competitors' classification assignments.
  • Save an enormous amount of time and effort when corresponding classification codes are needed.

more info Risk Managers, Financial Executives & Insurance Buyers

  • Risk managers who do not wish to obtain and maintain classification/rating manuals will find it to be a useful and inexpensive listing of the workers compensation and general liability classification descriptions and applicable codes.
  • Risk managers of professional employment organizations (PEOs) who must assure that many different types of businesses are properly classified find this handy guide to be enormously valuable.

more info Underwriters & Auditors

  • Quickly and accurately answer classification questions with this extremely easy-to-use field guide that will enhance thoroughness during audits.

more info Attorneys

  • A great help when arguing cases over proper determination of workers comp or liability insurance premiums.

more info Consultants

  • Identify errors in classification assignments to reduce your client's premiums.
  • Save an enormous amount of time and effort when corresponding classification codes are needed for specifications or RFPs.

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