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Minimizing Uncertainty at Bid Time—If contractors do not have full information on builders risk insurance, misunderstandings can occur, Steven Coombs warns.

Get a Knowledgeable Construction Broker—Mark Bell explains some of the unique issues and considerations in construction insurance.

When Is a Reinsurance Treaty Not a Reinsurance Treaty?—Courts interpret well-known industry terms in ways industry practitioners may find shocking. Larry Schiffer discusses some cases.

Montrose Endorsement—15 Years Later—The impact has not been as eventful as expected, per Craig Stanovich, with much of the litigation involving one insurer against another.

Supreme Court Clarifies Induced Infringement—Sanford Warren relates a Supreme Court case requiring the patent holder to show direct infringement before attempting to prove indirect infringement.

Builders Risk Policies: Are You Really Covered?—A recent court decision serves as a reminder to contractors of the potentially limited scope of such policies. Jay Levin explains.

Best Practices for Delegating—Mike Poskey discusses a four-step process and thinking centers to best accomplish effective delegation.

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101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid

What are the most common commercial lines coverage gaps? A new whitepaper from IRMI, 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid, answers this question, and you can download from IRMI.com at no cost. Based on input from the readers of IRMI Update with input from the IRMI Research Analysts, this handy list can help you avoid costly and embarrassing coverage mistakes. If you subscribe to IRMI reference products, we have even added links to discussions of each coverage issue within the IRMI Knowledgebases on ReferenceConnect and IRMI Online. Download 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid.