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Burden of Proof in Coverage Litigation (Part 4)—Brent Cooper looks at who has the burden of proof to show that a claim falls within the policy period.

Personal Video Surveillance and Claims—Cameras are everywhere. Elise Farnham explains the importance of video in the outcome of any claim file.

Captives: Renting versus Owning—Don Riggin looks at the pros and cons of each, particularly the tax deductibility of premiums.

No Duty To Defend under CPL Policy—Where an explosion caused release of gas, no pollution coverage was triggered. Kent Holland relates the case.

Looking To Transfer Venue—Even when the case may justify a transfer, defendants must still provide particularized evidence before relief is granted. Sanford Warren explains.

CEL: Claims-Made vs. Occurrence—There is much debate over the best trigger for contractors environmental liability insurance. David Dybdahl clears up the confusion

Cyber/Privacy Insurance Market Survey 2014—The complimentary executive summary to the June issue of The Betterley Report reveals growth in all areas of the market.

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IRMI Update 319 announces the opening of registration for the 34th Construction Risk Conference. Also, it discusses The Betterley Report Cyber & Privacy Insurance Market Survey 2014.

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101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid

What are the most common commercial lines coverage gaps? A new whitepaper from IRMI, 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid, answers this question, and you can download from IRMI.com at no cost. Based on input from the readers of IRMI Update with input from the IRMI Research Analysts, this handy list can help you avoid costly and embarrassing coverage mistakes. If you subscribe to IRMI reference products, we have even added links to discussions of each coverage issue within the IRMI Knowledgebases on ReferenceConnect and IRMI Online. Download 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid.