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Burden of Proof in Coverage Litigation (Part 5)—The burden can shift quickly but subtly, Brent Cooper warns, and prudent practitioners must have the evidence necessary to carry their burden or shift it back to the opposition.

Controlled, Unaffiliated, Insurance Business in a Captive—Donald Riggin looks at 831(b) captives and what is meant by "controlled" unaffiliated business.

Side A D&O Liability Insurance Market Survey 2014—The complimentary executive summary to the October issue of The Betterley Report reveals broadened coverage to meet insureds' demands.

Texas Court Rules WC Is the Exclusive Remedy in CCIP Claim—Barry Zalma relates a case involving a crane collapse and a contractor controlled insurance program.

Appraisal Clause in Homeowners Policies—Tim Ryles compares these provisions in four insurers' policies, pointing out how each handles the issue.

California Security Law Changes—Melissa Krasnow details California's recent legislation affecting security breach notification, theft prevention, mitigation, procedures, and SSN laws.

The Heartbreak of Turnover—When new risk management/insurance hires don't fit, it's expensive for everyone. Dr. Brenda Wells explains ways to reduce the chance of it occurring.

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IRMI Update 325 asks readers where they turn to perform a captive feasibility study. Also, the motor carrier coverage form annotation in Commercial Auto Insurance has been updated.

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101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid

What are the most common commercial lines coverage gaps? A new whitepaper from IRMI, 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid, answers this question, and you can download from IRMI.com at no cost. Based on input from the readers of IRMI Update with input from the IRMI Research Analysts, this handy list can help you avoid costly and embarrassing coverage mistakes. If you subscribe to IRMI reference products, we have even added links to discussions of each coverage issue within the IRMI Knowledgebases on ReferenceConnect and IRMI Online. Download 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid.