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Normalization of Performance Deviations—To diligently guard against accepting lower standards as the norm, you need a culture where people do the "right" thing every time, Peter Furst says.

Private Company Management Liability Insurance Market Survey 2014—The complimentary executive summary to the August issue of The Betterley Report reveals softening rates despite EPL and D&O challenges.

Insurance Considerations in Operational Resilience—Christopher Brophy examines the practical considerations for recovery planning and how well the insurance program melds.

Changes in State Breach Notification Laws—As data breaches occur, notification laws are being amended or enacted. Melissa Krasnow elaborates.

Inspiring Passion in the Insurance Industry—Even those in the industry view insurance as "boring." Lisa Harrington describes ways to promote the industry and make it interesting.

Go Beyond the Product Pitch—While the insurance coverage comparisons focus on cost, it's coverage that's critical. Tim O'Brien advises agents and brokers to dig deeper.

2014 Agent and Broker Valuation Trends—As per capita income grows, Jeff Balcombe recommends that agents and brokers adjust premiums and markets.

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IRMI Update 321 discusses keys to hiring the best employees. Also, it reviews an article on how captives can provide evidence of their nontax business purpose in Captive Insurance Company Reports.

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101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid

What are the most common commercial lines coverage gaps? A new whitepaper from IRMI, 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid, answers this question, and you can download from IRMI.com at no cost. Based on input from the readers of IRMI Update with input from the IRMI Research Analysts, this handy list can help you avoid costly and embarrassing coverage mistakes. If you subscribe to IRMI reference products, we have even added links to discussions of each coverage issue within the IRMI Knowledgebases on ReferenceConnect and IRMI Online. Download 101 Common Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps To Avoid.